Saturday, October 16, 2010

How to mount the Harness Kit for Mega/Arduino/Seeduino? (Tutorial)

There a few tricks you should know about the Harness Kit

  1. The chassis comes with a paper skin in both sides, you should remove it before mounting it
  2. Insert the plastic rivets from bottom to up without forcing their tips, they are white in the picture
  3. Put the main board over them
  4. Force their tips by pressing the pin, so the board will be fixed.
  5. Install the battery case
  6. The battery case comes with long wires. You should think about trimming them.
  7. The battery case will prevent some shields from being mounted uppon the main Mega/Arduino/Seeduino board. You should cut a piece of the battery case to solve this problem.
  8. Install the rubber pads

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